Information about Namibia

The official language in Namibia is english and the used currency is Namibian Dollar which has the same exchange rate as South African Rand. Visa & Mastercard are accepted throughout most of the country. The country has a stable democratic government and infrastructure that allows guests to move around freely. Namibia is known to be dry and very hot as we form part of the Namib and Kalahari deserts. The best times to visit are during the cooler dry winter months from May to September when temperatures varies between 6 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius.


Tipping is customary but it’s also discretionary and should be based on overall satisfaction.

Packing lists should include:

Clothing consisting of light cotton fabrics to warm jacket or fleece for the colder mornings and evenings. Layers are the way to go. Colors should be neutral bush colors including khaki, green, brown or olive. Avoid light color clothing or anything that can cause a noise.
Woolly hat, gloves and scarf
Sunglasses, sunscrean & lipbalm
Comfortable, lightweight shoes (preferably two pairs of well broken-in hunting boots)
Sock Savers (Gaiters)
Torch (Flash Light)
Shooting Stick
Basic Rifle Cleaning Kit
Lens Cleaning Kit
Back Pack

Ensure you have the following:

Comprehensive travel insurance
Traveller's medical insurance
Proper evacuation medical insurance

We have the following available:

Cotton Shirts
Sock Savers (Gaiters)
A range of Courtney boots